Troy Ave - Good Time [paroles]

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Troy Ave - Good Time

Paroles: Good Time

[Produced by Yankee]

Know the moves get watched
We elude you cops continuous and got money
I drive a, drop Jeep
I'm in the hood, cocked heat (facto)
Ya creep, I hit you good lie deep

Everytime I'm on this streets, I roll so fly ah ah ah ah ah
Real niggas be relating to a G
Fake niggas be hating on me
When I get home be like [?] ah ah ah ah
Bad bitches love fucking with a G
Fake niggas love hating on me

[Verse 1]
Ugh, Troy Ave New Jack flow
Not the movie that was fake, I am factual
Dope boy swag to the max though blow
Made me who I am, I was to rap snow
Three to five birds in a dresser
Never show a bitch, you'll get lines trynna impress her
Stretch with my wrist, [?] with a compressor
If it's straight sniff, I'm gambling with the extra
21, Blackjack, purple chip cash (money)
Golden nugget rooftop, pool jump splash (sunny)
Soaking in the moment of a hustlers component
Jesus in the water, my goal is atonement
Still riding clean, me and Pooch in a Benz
I got a bitch in the back, I been fucked her friend
Ain't nothing new except the view and the day
I'm a fly mothafucka from the NYC niggah


[Verse 2]
OKC making moves on my dinner
Young niggas rolling with the crews that a kill ya
Now-a-days niggas talk news lie they bitches
Gossip and pop shit, they do this for Twitter?
Follow to they home, make a move while they with her
Franklin for that, you heard about me
Drop when it's hot, dead nigga run up
Glock getting popped, damn a nigga bun up
Only thing missing is cheese, know I got that
Buy and sell blocks, Monopoly no top hat

[Pre-Hook + Hook]