Troy Ave - OG Bobby Johnson (Keymix) [paroles]

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Troy Ave - OG Bobby Johnson (Keymix)

Paroles: OG Bobby Johnson

OD Johnson Johnson
I got OD Johnson Johnson
Flipping OD Johnson Johnson
Cooking OD Johnson Johnson
Whipping OD Johnson Johnson
Yelling OD Johnson Johnson

Word on the street I'm a dope bull
Sowed a few birds to your hope bull
Word on the street you a broke bull
All my cons play cash, but you broke, boy
Speak a nigga name and I'm going to murder
Rap fame niggas saying who they ain't heard of?!
Head to the street, shook the head, made 'em sleep
Then a couple other bodies left slapped, you ain't heard it
Dope Ki killer in my dope flick
If you mad cause I killed it, that's ho shit
BSB nigga dick in your bitch
Mouth then I kicked her out, don't throat kiss
Muay boo, I made ya dinner
But she already ate this dick nigga
On the couch, face down, ditch, just Bobby
Tired of all that, like OG Bobby Johnson
These are all facts, no chat with me
Troy Ave that nigga, and the streets I greet


BSB on the phone, no motherfucking weight
Yeah, all you niggas wait
Cause you know I don't play
I'm the hotest nigga in NY
Let me talk my motherfucking talk
Let me walk my motherfucking walk
Open sport