Troy Ave - Tap Out (Freestyle)

Tap Out Lyrics / Paroles

If she got the way that you prepare to buggy
Fuck around and get stuck up in way we win some pussy
You show up, they think you got it, they don’t love you nigga
They gonna get all up in your pockets through another nigga
And that’s like shaky, shaky nigga
Or …your finger, come pop and hit your ‘nigga
And you’ll be looking stupid even way low
As you got ride, tho they blow in your fucking face
You’re motherfucker dick, ‘aint nigga
Fuck you black ass nigga
Chasing pussy, got you chase at your new way nigga
Running black to your side ‘
Call the cops, call the cops, call the cops
You’re a switch out nigga
And we knew it, that’s way we ‘
You’re in the hood looking for ‘, well let’s ‘
Take a juice for your skin, and you’re caught
You’re rooms about to sell to my old and ‘
He got that ‘ ‘aint he coming through
He fucks with Trish and Donna
You already know how they do

We gonna run out and bagg out, bagg out
Take your shoes; pull the cash out, cash out
If he moves blow he’s head out
Nigga’s sleeping no, we go out, go out
I keep my safety off in my ‘
Whenever nigga try to run up on me I perform
And he’s going down for that …that sounds
I kill a bitch to ‘
Hey way you got ‘
You got to come back and take questions
Bitch how said me up?
Bitch I don’t give no ‘

I said, hope for the best but prepare for the worst
You know what I’m saying?
Yeah listen bitch, I fuck with you
You want a hundred percent
But if we still going down, you’ll know
Ok, that’s it
You understand what I am saying?
You just leave it alone from here
New York City to the album on the way
It can’t be just enough
I bring it in this city man
They’ll do it ‘I’m do it right

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