Troy Ave - Young King [Lyrics/Paroles]

Troy Ave - Young King

Young King Lyrics / Paroles


New young king, I don't need a crown and or got helped

Niggas ain't want to pay me, I pay myself

The way I made it flip, they should call me Young Spatula

I'm countin' money, draggin' first, call me Count Dragula

[Verse 1]

I look and sound like my town, I am not these bozo clowns

If the shoe fits, then you hit, man down

BSB that sound you were searchin' for and found

You could thank me and God for this blessin'

Constantly feedin' the streets, these other niggas can't compete

You on a major label, I'm independent

Have a seat, gettin' fucked all in your cheeks

I'm gettin' ninety-five percent off each

You only gettin' fifteen, that's the difference

I can match most of y'all wit' cars

Fucked half of you niggas' main broads

I spent three-fifty cash on a condo, that's large

Why you mad? It's not my fault

You rather dick-ride than to walk on your own two feet like a man

Most of these rappers all be rat

They actors, they should just act

But enough about them, let's talk about me

Let's talk in all facts, I really sold mad crack

I really tote them gats, been a get-money nigga since scratch

Uh-oh, uh-oh, oh-oh, no, no, no, oh

There's disloyal suckers in my crowd

Fuck outta here, you think I don't know about you niggas?

Smilin' in my face, I see the ho about you, nigga

I'm a fun can of oil that you can't outslick

It's a difference in showin' love and just ridin' my dick

You bought my album, or you just know my radio hits?

You see me stylin' and you just want to parlay in some flicks

Man, you niggas be worse than these hoes and it's a shame

My VIP section is closed to your fake chains and your fake watch

Fake watch busters, look what we got

Another nigga tryin' to be who he not

Big cars and jewels, that's dope boy swag

You ain't street, you a bitch-nigga dressin' in drag

And it's sad, so sad how these junkies try to do you

I put your ass on, boy, when nobody knew you

Don't forget, I'm the dealer, you are the user, but that's straight

I'm a get back to my meal off this Hermes plate

I'm almost at a mil, man, God is great all the time

And I earned every dollar

These other niggas lookin' for dick to ride or swallow

And that ain't G shit, this is BSB shit

Self-made and self-paid, get money 'til the grave


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