Tsu Surf - Her Problems

Her Problems Lyrics / Paroles

[Verse 1]
Pray for me, I be sinning
Who cares when we been winning?
Decided I should take the shot, […] John Lennon
Still trap just keep it lower
Ex bitch still think I owe her
Fly out to Cali, hit your stop up like I need a blower
Getting fellatio
Went to school with her, this really just a phase she owe
That probably mean we made it though
They acting like I'm new to the town
Texting my old teacher what I'd do to her now

[Verse 2]
Two bitches
One had a hawk, one was a Smith N'
One I neglected, one I was grippin'
One was for barking, one was just bitchin'
One got closer when it thickened
One was hitting that committment
If I do commit, how she know what it feel like?
When she get way more love on social sites than in her real life
Bad enough to fuck her raw
Contemplating and still might
I just gotta know what it feel like
Drinking Whiskey with the same click
Scoring with the same team
Shot got the same kick
Up on a tuesday, but been up since friday
Two friends, can't choose, they suggesting Ménages
We still trap without the dream
Bunch of bitches, bunch of guns
Way more ratchets than I need
Just something to smoke blunts with
She from Chiraq but go to Rutgers out New Brunswick
Convo, […] made up in a condo
Sometimes she get homesick, bump a lot of Rondo
Should see them thighs, back tatted, pair of eyes
Her brother got cased up, her bio say "Free the guys"
Cause she was with the shit
Said her boyfriend was a hitter and her boyfriend got hit
Life divorced them
Forced her to that abortion
But she in college so it's pros to that
Same nigga that held her down can't hold her back
Yeah it's love
But that came with a kid, no school, minimum wage
And all of the above

Just vibin', kush blunts
Staring at the ceiling, taking in all of her problems
Just vibin', kush blunts
Staring at the ceiling, taking in all of her problems

[Verse 3]
Pass the blunt back, tell me what her hug like
Say sometime she think about what that baby would've looked like
Damn, so everybody got demons
She had nightmares, I'm sitting daydreaming
Don't trust niggas so she masturbate
Turn her blunt down, she had enough, she got class at 8
I'm about to slide, shawty

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