Tsu Surf - Keep Praying (ft. Styles P, Emanny )

Keep Praying Lyrics / Paroles

[Verse 1: Tsu Surf]
Early morning trapping, had to get it all day
Rats in them hood streets, piss up in them hallways
Daddy said he was coming, and I was waiting all day
I got caught up moving rounds, same excuse always
It's why I don't trust people, that's how I give it up
Nothing come with disappointments when you give a fuck
Why should He answer my mama prayers
When I caused a nigga's mama grief?
I'm way too personal for these kinda beats
Still young, the hood need us
But I'm torn between the life, the sets, and these drugs, and these groupies and the skeezers
The pictures and the tweeters, bury me with the .40
No disrespect but I never met this so-called Jesus
It could be the drugs, or the […]
You know the friends, the bitches, man, everything switches
Only thing promised is the ditches
Either they miss you or good riddance
Of course some niggas slipping with that llama
What if that 3AM call was to my mama?
Damn… what if that 3AM call was to my mama?!

[Hook: Emanny]
In and out of the streets, just trying to stay alive
Looking up to the sky but you get no reply
We keep on praying, oh…
But ain't nothing changing, no… ain't nothing changing

[Verse 2: Styles P]
Ain't nothing changing but the drawers and the socks
Before rap I was on tour selling rocks
My hypeman was a Glock
Had to stand nights, but now my nightstand got a watch
That these niggas never saw before
Like I ain't stick shit, like I ain't sell raw before
My general rank is a five star
Always been ready to die, that's why I'm alive, y'all
It's old Ghost and young Surf
I'm into long money and gunwork
Wanna talk funds though? Let me hit the blunt first
Say something I don't like, I'll let the gun jerk
You push me, I'll pull this shit
Always been an asshole but never been full of shit
Thinking about life on some could've/would've/should've shit
Ain't nothing changed, my nigga, how hood is this?!


[Verse 3: Tsu Surf]
I cock it back and say a prayer
Lord, protect me when I ride out
Be my eyes while I ride, spell the i's out
Remember scheming late, high as hell in the hide-out
Now I'm flying planes close enough to see God house
I relapsed a little bit
In project hallways, in the trap a little bit
Fuck it, keep me motivated
Lil niggas see me in the hood
That's how they know we made it
Hood swag, hood still salute me when I pull past
Bought my damn self, Newark playing on full blast
Keep praying, I be slacking, grandma picked it up
Think I heard a voice, when I saw it wished to lift it up
Bloody murder, better him than me
Cause me leaving would've just hurt her
And we don't need that
So I swear I listen, but I still let that thing clap
Shit, I still let that thing clap…


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