Twista - Crisis (ft. Tech N9ne)

Crisis Lyrics / Paroles

[Verse 1: Tech N9ne]
Everybody got the memo, Michael Myers, man I'm mental
Messy murder monumental mixed my mind
Metamorphosis made it mainly my many maneuvers
Missin' my malice malevolent mister N9ne!
Mediocre motherfuckers my motive makin' minimum
Maniacal makin' me mesh my line
MONSTER! Musical massacre
Metaphysical minion may never match my grind
When I'm bustin' you think I'm poppin' the E
Hoppin' to Nina Boppin', need no stop and lockin' the B
Niggas be droppin' off in a coffin talkin' to me
Better flee, never see, Tecca Neez, I be forever
Look at the K.O.D. demolish, I’m polished
I get dollars, I get more guala, mixologist, and many I sell
You will never see the light of day right away
You will die but I hide away, say goodbye, (I'll see you in Hell)
True shots, a-who's stopped the crew's water?
You soft, I move rocks, a Mustafa
Boondock ya boo, Soo-Woo, what the?
Through chakras, you lost the new nana
Out with the weak and in with the raw
Put you in deep and have your mama seekin' the law
Freaking the beat, I get to peekin'
Leavin' you mauled with the saw
Ain't nobody beatin' me in the brawl
Y'all got to know, I stop the show
Pick you off of the pillar, you know I drop the foe
Sick and, uh, this is sick as suckas, sock a ho
Nigga, oh, you ain't even in my optical
I'll shock ya though, I rock the flow
Nah, not so low like burnin' optimo
Wassup to Joe from my block, the MO
I did it to death and my nigga I got to go!

[Hook: Twista]
It's a crisis and a murder whenever you see both of us in the booth
It can be an interpretation of a catastrophic event
Of verbal annihilation if you don’t know the truth
It's a crisis and a murder whenever you see both of us in a rage
It can be an emergency, making you have to evacuate the premises, killing the audience up on the stage

[Bridge: Twista]
We are an anomaly, coupling up and stomping them up in the gut
You gotta be loving the cut, if I get to fucking 'em up
I'm probably bustin' 'em up and vodka be up in the cup
And drama be nothing to us
A combination of some oddities coming to crush
And y'all will be nothin' to touch, your body, we cutting 'em up
Twista ready to bang and Tech got his face painted
Like we bout to go and do a robbery up in a truck

[Verse 2: Twista]
Whenever you recollect it, me and Tech will tackle niggas
And see ’em like Liam Neeson in Taken
Or Taken 2, better yet, Tekken 2
Wrecking you like I was Baek or Eddy
I'm ready to reappear like I was Yoshimitsu
From a darker side of the universe
You would verse a predator is what you didn’t know
When they will go and get you
Then I’m immediately about to punish him, run, it's a mutation
Of horror that'll treat you like a ho and hit you
But Tech, me and you can speak on it, even type of terminology
And hurt ’em as if they didn’t know we were an odyssey or an oddity
It’s a murder probably, if not then I bet you that we cause a verbal lobotomy
Tell them niggas to make a move, then when I move, I wanna bruise
And show 'em they finna lose, and I refuse to be a fool
I kill 'em and keep it cool, but I'mma do what I'mma do
Because I’m breakin the rules, let’s go
Bust you with lyrics, how we shoot this
Or either we gon’ say „fuck you” while chucking up the deuces
The booth is where the living proof is, and I'm ruthless
I can leave your whole team’s caduceus in nooses, ooh, it’s
Somebody you don’t really want to get into it with
I’m mythical, difficult and I don’t know if it'll
Be a wise thing for you to do as far as tangling with the unusual
Orion, I’m iron, I’m scientifical
Indivisibility within the infrastructure of the family
That I created is inevitable
Especially if we committed to getting money
So fuck the haters because it’s the paper that you better get, you
Take your mental into space and leave it alone
An outer dimension because I can get deep with a song
The look of a fiend, I'mma put ’em to sleep with the chrome
Unlock the machine, fuck him if he ain’t breathing alone, die

[Hook + Bridge]

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