Twista - Dark Horse Flow [paroles]

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Twista - Dark Horse Flow

Paroles: Dark Horse Flow

It's the Twista and I'm rocking shit
Kill them in the past, let's see how futuristic I can get
Arsenol full of lyrics and we be steady stocking clips
Niggas ain't squashing shit, it's the Chicago apocalypse
I bring it back like I done took too many summers off
How I attack make them say, "Damn, that was some assault"
Flip my money like it was work, call it a summersault
Mad if I'm not on top when it's hot, call it (?)
Still put them to bed like a Buddha head on Sudafed
Get you high 'til you were dead
Talk that shit, I could put one through the head
Rolling it up, that's what I do with dreads
Open them up, that's what I do the legs
Whip so fly, it don't ever matter which one we in
Go so (?), FBI go (?)
Cheque so big, it's like I got a connect with Columbians
Don't want to talk about it if you don't want to cut me in
Stretch the words out like a Benz
Co-creative cause I like the wind
The tail on the whip lookin' like a fin
And when I drop the top, it make a sound like a 'e eeeeee'
Jay Electronica
Get knowledge inside of that (?) button to start it up
People keep askin' me when is the Twista gon' follow up
I'll tell you in a minute after la mama swallow up
Nah, had to wait for the label to put them dollars up
Then I can let out some of the connivin' shit that I got bottled up
With a regiment for the soldiers and killers that stay hollowed up
And I can bet murder would be in the venture
So keep your goggles up
Anybody want to get into a debate of who can decode
Cause I'm a meet you at the podium