Twista & Do or Die - Aquafina (ft. B. Scott) [Lyrics/Paroles]

Twista & Do or Die - Aquafina (ft. B. Scott)

Aquafina Lyrics / Paroles

[Verse 1]

I hop out the X6 by the Lexus do that walk baby girl yeah that's it fresh shit sipping cappuccino and my neck sick diamond on my neck lit fresh shit exit while am talk to that _____ relax shit you don't have to act rich check this she was colder than the last bitch she should of passed her the casket paramount how her ___ sit look how the Gucci be fitting her booty and her ___ look pass thick but I surpassed it and then I hope in the Aston in my Po Pimp fashion I complicated but conversated to kiss her on the neck smooth didn't have to think about the next move relax boo I get you water than a wet suit look who the fuck you sitting next to I seen her eyes roll every touch made her spine cold while she grind slow move the arm rest and slide close I think she ____ me in her mind Doe now she wonder where the time go Am feeling your body by the liter or either get you water with my finger this the ____ that you dream of Aquafina

[Hook - Scotty]

Girl come into my room let me make it drip like Aquafina let me put you in position anyone you can dream of so baby let it drip down I just want to see that Aquafina when you doing what you do so baby let it drop down girl the way we _______ ain't nobody getting wetter than you

[Verse 2 - Belo]

Damn did I see a nice redbone chilling at the bus stop! I was in a Bentley coup she had a stance that made a _______ heart stop! Pull over gave her the number told her to call me she got right to it...I didn't even get a half a block now she texting a player can a _____ come through. .who I took her to the condo strawberry chocolate eat her like a combo then we got into it Pronto. .laid the ____ down shit now beat the hoe like rondo ..she smelling good like dolce gabanna and she a fein I can hit it when I want a..Belo got her gripping the pipe and she wetter than a she a _____ _____ shaking in the corner. .now she got a big ___ body so I got to do that cutti. .. giving head shots just like she was a virgin sergeant shit good tight _____ booty um I was thinking had to hit it when I seen her catch a case on that body when I seen her she so thick Serena


[Bridge - Scotty]

[Verse 3 - Twista]

Fina I want to commit a misdemeanor on the seen of your property when I watch you come out of your clothes with permission of course role play over rose looking at you come out of your pose stunnin she the truth so the ____ I’m finna shoot like pim pim pim pim straight game to the female in the V12 like voom voom voom voom you think am off a flat the way I’m sweating when I get off in the cat searching for the water in the middle of the slaughter then I call up a audible then I hit it from the back let you get on top crazy I made you go that's what the other ____ hate you foe gave you some mo cause them other ______ too slow let me get up in that H20 let me show what type of swimming that I can do show her she can do it ain't nothing impossible whispering I can go to the top with you we be the business cause shorty I rock with you nobody talking it the way lil momma do and am a do what I suppose to do because you know I like to get it wet straight freak in a immaculate penthouse suites because you know I like to get a check they be talking that Ra-Ra but I love her she a lady like Ga Ga when she give me the Aqua I’m a kiss and then tell her Ta-Ta take another sip of her because am hot think I got a fever sprung when I seen her when the tongue lick her like a millimeter got her wetter than a Aquafina by the liter


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