Twista & Doe or Die - Withdrawal [Lyrics/Paroles]

Twista & Doe or Die - Withdrawal

Withdrawal Lyrics / Paroles

[Verse 1 - AK]
I get to bustin' at anything, got plenty beans
By any means, it's the American coke-flow
Simply cover XO, motherf'rs be duckin before I let the Tech Go
You know a fatality when nigga try to tattle on me, I just ? on my anatomy ? get caught in the cross-fire, and let it ride, the other side to side, we can collide, I can provide two lumps like a camel
Fully pumps with poles like the Sapranos, Motherf'er we not on the same panel, shooting up everything like a nigga was Rambo, get a sample, leave him in the alley like some damn clothes
You, You now fuc'in with the best, but never the less, a couple of necks to get the rounds off, feeling like a couple of (?) off, you can listen to the sound of the pound-(?), dramatic and under compatible, ????, with data-flow, eradicate my foes, then I hit him from his head to his toes
Look how my niggas and bitches be tellin a nigga that he cold, look how my niggas and bitches be tellin a nigga that he flow
A couple of head-shots a couple of red-dots, niggas be petrified for homicide to the sea, motherf'rs fit'in to bleed, my pedigree, to murder my enemies, never let a nigga leave then, never let a nigga breath
Get ride of the residue and put a couple of stacks on his whole team forehead
Fuc'in with .40 cal, hit him for 40 miles, I got 140 styles, and I flow like the Nile, ooo-child
He get it in like a .50 clip, make a couple of motherf'r do 50 flips
Look how he shooting with the motherf'in pistol grip, and for the fuck of it, if its the FEDS, I ain't touchin' shit
Put him in a casket, basket, leave him in the motherf'in acid, it can get more drastic

Hitta make it go, "Click Click"
Flip another clip for that bullshit
Put it in a row like a Pulpit
Motherf'r get Barricade? Ill pull it!
You don't want it with the Don Dada
Burn a motherf'r like Lava
Hangin out the window with the motherf'in chopper...

[Hook 2X]
From Adrenaline Rush
This is a Withdrawal
This is a Withdrawal
From Adrenaline Rush
This is a Withdrawal
This is a With...

[Verse 2 - Twista]
Your days is over, I'm in a rage, finna blaze
Like I'm up in a fuckin' rave with soldiers
About to amaze and hold ya
From the grave I raise ya
Like I'm paid to serenade a cobra
The time when I'm rappin' is over...
Ain't it? Dammit! Shit!
I think I could sustain it, and I spit
Since motherfuckers gon' take it for granted, then
I think I'mma have to break that bitch!
I can lyrically do the impossible
Flew in through follicles, you feel it?
I'm who would'a followed you
Crew would'a bothered you when I'm known for
Bruisin' an obstacle, do in a lot of you
When I flow congruent to modules
This lava's the music comin' out of it
Showin' you motherfuckers how to spit
Get on a beat and show you what you can get out of it
Give you the realest and then some of the counterfeit
Pesos, got me workin' in my day clothes
Got into it because they chose
They wanna +Try Me+ like Dej Loaf
Steppin' in my Giuseppe Zanottis when I'm
Yellin' 'hey hoes' like a tourist
Style be the purest
Wishin' every time that you see me you're as
Fresh as me but you can never be so I'mma let it be
Especially if I be in a Lamborghini Urus


[Verse 3 - Belo]
I'm hopin' to cause static
Bet you gon' feel it when I hit you with automatics
Give you a pump to the chest like asmathic
Make a motherfucker feel it like he never never had it
If I had to.. Run up on a Nigga
Hit him with hollow tips
Get rocked if you bigger
Even if I catch you on the porch with your bitch im gonna let the eagle fly, 30 shots when I rock on you nigga
Black-tinted creep up the ?Ghost-Venice, black skully, bomb in and tossed in it
Fridays up, red road? fill the car full of lead, with your boys in it
Like a nigga won't hit you with the pump, rip pump, pump when I dump then a skunk
Black Tims, Black Rims, White bitch given head in a Black Benz God Damn!
4 house, 5 houses - NO HOUSE, Fuc with us know my niggas goin all out, Trap lying we ain't got to buy em all out, going to ball out, drink Hen' till I fall out...

These bitches
We all in the club
Fuck with a nigga
We gon' show no love
Uh, no love, no love, no
- if a nigga get static
No love, no love
-thirty shots from the automatic, uh


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