Twista - Want My Love (ft. DJ Victoriouz) [paroles]

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Twista - Want My Love (ft. DJ Victoriouz)

Paroles: Want My Love

[Hook: DJ Victoriouz x4]
Girl I know you want my love (want my love)
Girl I know you need my love (need my love)

[Verse 1: Twista]
Now, everything that I want in a woman
When I be lookin' at her body and her mind that's you
Me bein' able to give you what you want or what you need
When I'm becomin' a love, that's true
Please pose because when you do that
I know I could never say that the romance is through
D. Rose when I be comin', the whistles send you to a victory of an orgasm too
Have her with me when I kick back
When she roll one, I lit that
She a cold one the way she lick that
When I hit that she hit back, AOWWW!
When I give it to her how she wanna get it'll be the way to make her crazy
And every time that she see me on the TV screen she like "There go my baby"
Cause I be fuckin' her, she like the way I'm freakin' her, how I'm freakin' her
I'm the one I know she wanna be with
Make the call, what time you want me to pick you up? (you up)
Tell him you got somethin to do when I hit you up - because

[Hook: DJ Victoriouz]

[Bridge: DJ Victoriouz x2]
Girl I know you want it, girl I know you want it
Girl I know you need it, girl I know you need it

[Verse 2: Twista]
How I'm mackin' you could tell that I want yours
I can see that it's obvious that you want mine
This could be reality far from folklore
When I look at your body and you be so fine
Like a coke line, the way she after me gotta be somethin else I could tell she addicted
All on me like an methamphetamine but a better fiend
She was thick as hell so we kicked it
She became a follower, but she was a swallower
Got up with her cause I wanna see when she go bottoms up
The way she turn her bottle up - oh you a nasty girl
And you know that I'm the same way, and you like that shit, so don't give up
Cause we gon' fight, and we gon' fuck
You ain't goin nowhere because

[Hook: DJ Victoriouz]