Tyler, The Creator & ASAP Rocky - Golf Media Freestyle [Lyrics/Paroles]

Tyler, The Creator & ASAP Rocky - Golf Media Freestyle

Golf Media Freestyle Lyrics / Paroles

[Verse 1: A$AP Rocky]
My attire, you require
It's imperial
So fire, devour anything, I mean I've been
Close to power, just realize and devour
I'm riding Mario Kart, I think I might pick Bowser
I need mothafuckin' housin'
I need shit that's off the yowzer
But tell that bitch to come through, fuck a nigga, man
Hell to club

[Verse 2: Tyler, the Creator]
Young T came through with the new whip
I ain't even got a new bitch, I'm with my old one
Got a nigga named Scooty, got an old gun
And if you want some, you don't want that, nigga
Got the green hat cause it match the pockets
Get cats, cats, dogs, frogs and all
Fuck that, nigga, got a problem?
Nigga gotta solve 'em, nigga know your mama
Know where his family lives

[Verse 3: A$AP Rocky]
Come through this shit applyin' dirt
My nigga Tyler got Hawaiian shirt
Got the Dior bomber, I ain't no farmer
I'll tell your papa I'll pop the llama
Fuck you talkin' 'bout? Don't want no drama
Ain't know, they better show you, boy
Stole you, boy, I thought I told you, boy
I'll fuck your girl, ho on the Polaroid

[Verse 4: Tyler, the Creator]
Shout my nigga J, shout my nigga Trav
Shout my nigga Dom, should my ex-girlfriend's moms
Cause I fucked her too
And I'll fuck you in the mouth if you've got a problem
Fuck your crew and everybody that you know
I don't got a problem, nigga, woah
Rollin' down Slauson in all red, woah
I don't really play the thugger but I know

[Verse 5: A$AP Rocky]
Tell that bitch to see me good
Told that bitch to hit me good
And your man won't beat me good
See it on Golf Media
Fuck you mean? I'm high as shit
Fuck you mean you fly as this?
Why you talkin' lies and shit?
Tell that bitch to slide my dick

[Outro: Tyler, the Creator]
I got a fat ass
I got a fat ass
I got a fat ass
And I hit it
I got a fat ass

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