Tyrese - Nothin on you [Lyrics/Paroles]

Tyrese - Nothin on you

Nothin on you Lyrics / Paroles

Ay that you are the one for me,
It's nothing that I don't think about it,
Girl m lil but m no touch,
I never put that shit on us,
When I believe I doubted,
Baby you so stole my heart,
So I can go too far,

No matter how many places I go,
I will always call you home,
Baby I got nothing on you, uuuu... Oooo ahh
I know we be fussin, it's always something,
But it's nothing on you uuuuu... Ooooo

If I want it her I get her,
What you so much better yeah...
You ain't gotta be around,
Baby it's u who always hold me down,
I got nothing on you uuuu... Ooooo...

Nothin nothin...
They ain't got nothin on you...

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