Usher - Believe Me [Lyrics/Paroles]

Usher - Believe Me

Believe Me Lyrics / Paroles

T.O. 3x

[Verse 1]
Nobody has ever loved me like you do
That shit just something I'm not used to
So I always push you away
Even though I know I want you to stay with me

I know, I was the one who made you love me
I know, just when you was beginning to trust me
I do it all again, do it all again (I do it, do it)
Hit her up again, hit her up again (I hit it, hit it)
And you don't deserve it, she ain't even worth it
But I still do it anyway
And it breaks my heart, my heart
To know I break your heart, your heart
Believe me

[Verse 2]
I tried to apologize
But I hurt you one too many times baby
I had no reason why (No reason why)
I just continued to make it right


[Verse 3]
I know
I hurt you so many times
I tried to change it
But I can't, it's apart of my life
And I don't wanna to lie to you
Although I always lie to you
And I don't like to lie to you (No I don't wanna lie)
But I always lie to you (I can't help it)

Sometimes it happens that way (I'm sorry)
It happens that way (I know you heard me say it before)
Girl I hate that it happens that way (I'll never do it again)
But it happens that way (Forreal)
Believe me


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