Vado - Fast lane [Lyrics/Paroles]

Vado - Fast lane

Fast lane Lyrics / Paroles

Living the fast lane
What's up?

Charges and... for the deaf
They say you're workers
You ain't working for a check
What's niggers' purpose for the rap
Ain't no respect
They don't need to deserve
... on their neck
I sleep with the words
Every verse is a rap
Might fall like a...
... go with the tax
... might stick with the best
That's how you're playing
You bought your... lady in this
My whole... envy
That's why I'm smelling
Talk... speak freely/fairly
Round tables... label
Don't try to... with me
Only three dudes seating
Rest of the seats empty
... I doubt they're making dollars
You see... the only school I made
After university go and live...
You can come out with three packs and finish fast

Fast lane fast lane
You know the name
That nigger is getting super to game

Used to know the... without you
It's like you want... my man is in the front row
With fingers longer than my...
I confront all...
My lies... when the sun show
You boy... what I mean now
My balls are as hardest as the... now
I can earn a hundred...
You better go see now
See now? I ain't nothing like the mother niggers
... look at it... niggers
I stand in this...
Taking a hundred bitches
... all the ladies will come with us
I'm a heavy hitter
You haven't heard enough
Nothing to prove
I'll take you to school
Like the yellow school bus
Had a bad...
I'm in the rush

Fast lane fast lane
You know the name
That nigger is getting super to game

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