Vado - Till My Wrist Hurt (ft. Pusha T, French Montana & Chinx Drugz) [paroles]

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Vado - Till My Wrist Hurt (ft. Pusha T, French Montana & Chinx Drugz)

Paroles: Till My Wrist Hurt

[Hook: French Montana]
I just copped a whole brick from papi
About to hit the stove, get it popping
None of my niggas moving sloppy
Meet me on the ave, nigga copy
Copy, copy, copy, copy
I be whipping hard, ’till my wrist hurt (copy)
I be whipping hard, ’till my wrist hurt (copy)
I be whipping hard, ’till my wrist hurt (copy)

[Verse 1: Vado]
Yo, yo that’s word to god
Vado feed the block with it, lot of people starve
Place the weight on a plate then you break it down in parts
Make a move then I’m out, I don’t wait around for knocks, nah
(Hah!) Whip soft, I’m pissed off, took a week to get a brick off
No bitch here I got ripped off, lose fifty grand every missed call
Its a cold world on my block, pump rock… work on my block
Mailbox where I hold work on the block
…work on the block
Man, hit papi, tell him I need ten copy
TNT will see the monopoly
Move swift through thin ice like hockey
‘Sup… this the number to wait for, dealin’ weight for
Hand me a plate, I don’t care who ate more
Nine in his face…

[Hook: French Montana]

[Verse 2: Pusha T]
King Push!
I hear the going price for a brick is 43
That’s Kendrick Perkins, I’m sellin’ hard if it’s up to me
Break it down in all eight-balls, find MJG
That’s oldschool, that’s West Coast, that’s…
All I know about is getting money… ’til the sun come up
Dominicana with a calculator
When they see my face I watch ‘em all run up
My heist run was a nice one, couldn’t take the trip… paranoid
I’m Smack Dilla the crack dealer
I’ve done sold drugs in every category
(Woo!) I swear you niggas bore me, with your fuckin’ stories
You fuckin’ war in peace time with your fake ass glory
And your fake ass jewelry, monkey ass jewelry
Couldn’t find a million with a road map and a…

[Hook: French Montana]

[Verse 3: Chinx Drugz]
Four hoes on one strip, copy
Come press four zones into one brick, copy
I be copy cool, I might act a fool
Hop out the drop top yellin’ hallelujah
Boy I flow like a faucet
Had the… and you lost it, came in this bitch on some boss shit
…but I roll out that coffin
That bitch, we bone, on that bong we be coughin’
I seen Javier on 45th
But I… brick
Counted all the paper, he told me “Copy”
These fuckboys are carbon copy

[Hook: French Montana]