Paroles: Cool Off the Rain

Ohhh, uhhhhhh, I

Tell me what to do when there's something
Always close the book, that means nothing
You treat me wrong so we sleep on surface deep
And people don't know we keep shit underneath
Even when there's company over babe
And even when we're in public yeah
They so clueless to it
The misery, it ain't ending
I don't think that I can handle this
Pretendin' all the air is clear in here
We just movin' too quick
Gettin' too dizzy to see

Tell me what to do this time?
A storm hit and it's drained all my energy, my energy
Tell me how to do this right?
'Cause you been actin' strange, like we enemies
I'll cool off the rain (I'll cool off the rain)
I'll cool off the rain
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