Vee Tha Rula - Pray [Lyrics/Paroles]

Vee Tha Rula - Pray

Pray Lyrics / Paroles

[verse 1]
One time cus i want mine is you sure all yall ready
Back again im back like makaveli pistol packin packin mac 11's thinkin back was back to back we back to being black is back to where you from and lack of where you at how can lenny on em just relaying on that im not sayin that but im on the road roll one rolls royce sellin people's choice bitches love my voice makes their pussy moist
No competin I completed for your eye i think for serena's i got rita ora getting pizza mozzarella cheese is for you we need it more for a while now. we need the love for a while now turn the frown upside down now, smile
Rula 2 I hit him with the quickness thats a demo nigga, this is demolishing im the way thats why the hoe's ain't no trippin nigga Rest In Peace to all the kinfolk missing. we deserve these blessings infinite i get the beat and listen to the instrument murder these boys they swear a nigga finishin, RULA

Just shut up and hand me the dough
The rap game gon marry the groom
Me, the big elephant in the room
Im a martian they think im the man on the moon
Shout out to Hanover Paris to Italy Canada hitting up Vancouver soon
All 'round the world they say rula you make it so hard

I put the wait on these niggas
I put the wait on these hoes
I never wait for a nigga
I never wait for these hoes
Ill be in the bay with my niggas
Ill be in LA with these hoes
I hope that you pray for a nigga
I pray that you pray for my soul (2x)

Swervin lanes I done made it out the game
Shit ain't been the same no
I just want some change motherfuck the fame
Just dont forget my name ho
Goddamn i got rula always smoking tropicana
Know you married in a house in south- Atlanta over whatever i hope you'll sing forever. mama yeah

I moved to the great wall it ain't money i can't go, that bullshit we came through we kill it and case closed. sippin syrup sippin lift the earth up in the air man we did it. man thinking here we stayed together knitted if your trip my niggas on your hair fitted, mothafucka
Droppping your head niggas some of my niggas dead nigga, and man we ain't losing no more all i do is win nigga yeah
And ain't shit perfect but im perfect imperfection open for correction my life live forever since a kid do it big do it now im living big like my nigga big biggie gave me the loot nigga



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