Vee Tha Rula - Wheels Up [Lyrics/Paroles]

Vee Tha Rula - Wheels Up

Wheels Up Lyrics / Paroles

Should have never gave these niggas money now the wheels up
Flying around the world, got these girls doing nasty shit
We done had to wait from the gate now the wheels up
Flying around the world with the stars, now this shit is up

[Verse 1: Vee Tha Rula]
Real niggas gave me tips, and I become king and now I feel major, I was hungry and I still tasted
It's my time, you still facing man, ain't no love, niggas still hating
Ain't no real shit, niggas still faking uh
These niggas softer than a pillow, a bunch of fucking armadillos
An armageddon, arms with hammers, back, I'm cracking songs from instrumentals
Straight pussy Ima head of y'all
Straight up, you weak niggas should migrate, our frequencies will never vibrate
You niggas seem thirsty, so nigga hydrate
You just a pupil, your buzz will never dilate
Lil nigga but a nigga feeling like he 9"8, beach nigga with bitches killing that bombay
And I'm rocking with beats nigga like I'm Dre, yeah I'm on it, I'm blowing chronic like [?]


[Verse 2: Vee Tha Rula]

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