Verse Simmonds - Situationships [paroles]

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Verse Simmonds - Situationships

Paroles: Situationships

[Verse 1: Verse Simmonds]

I know its hard to see, that I care baby

And you’re my number 1, cause I got 2 or 3

Im just keeping it real, I know your feelings deep

I know its hard to speak, but i was busy last week

So my heart don’t fail, That i said lets chill

You ain’t going no where, I ain’t going no where

Baby its our world, and we make our own rules

As long as you never lie to me, imma never lie to you


Fuck em all day, fuck em all night

Shawty these are the moments that we liven for

Theyll never let her catch on you way down

But everybody got something to say

Take a hit of this and lets riiiide

And when you’re homegirls say i ain’t shit

Tell em don’t worry about this






[Verse 2: Verse Simmonds]

Ain’t nobody believe in love no more

And niggas don’t dance in the club no more

We all crave attention not respect no more

And before the good girls niggas loving these hoes (hoe’s winning)

Homegirl said it

Said its been a couple years since she had a man

All these niggas trying to lay, they ain’t trying to stay

All these niggas trying to play, they ain’t trying to plan

And all these bad bitches turning up for their Instagram

Bust it open then complain my niggas trying to get at them

Thirsty niggas trying to fuck, we all up in that (?)

Now she’s spending money, now you all up at the ATM

None of my business, none of my business (yeah yeahhh)

Cuz baby me and you a little different

Kept it real, right from the beginning (ahhhhhh)



[Verse 3: Verse Simmonds]

Then she told me she ain’t ready for a man in her life

She’s too busy getting money, for a man in her life

Dream so big she can’t even sleep in the night

She just want a real nigga, that can put the D in her life (consistent)

Cuz relationships are overrated

She just need one to hang with

So we can talk that body language

So come a little closer pull me in a little tighter

Cuz the rhythm in this bed put the room on fire

Baby tell me your desires

Baby let me take you higher

Situationships (x8)