Vershon - Mercy A God [paroles]

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Vershon - Mercy A God

Paroles: Mercy A God

Quefa a talk
Lee Milla, rough dem up!

[Verse 1:]
Nuff see di glamour and di glitter dem say, all is well
But weh me a go through only di Lord will tell
Whole heap a pain, whole heap a stress deh pon mi head
As me youth born, di next day mi granny dead, but dem say
What nuh kill you make you stronger
Me see some youth a try draw me out, but me a gwan hold di anger
Me hear dem talk but me nuh answer, Jwin and Jdon tell mi fi sing da song ya

Right now a just
The mercy a God, the mercy a God, the mercy a God
Know how man a go through
A just the mercy a God, a just the mercy a God (2x)

[Verse 2:]
Lee Milla
Life a bring too much stress enuh man
Me feel it would be better off dead enuh man, cause look
Me spend all mi savings build fi go a Sting
And never get fi perform
Sometimes me say a prayer to the Lord, me wonder if him a hear?
The only thing mi wish a fi sadness disappear
Police lock mi up pon mi birthday fi shooting, like them a try tarnish mi career


[Verse 2:]
People really get funny
Mi sing a one song, dem say me mek a money
Pity dem nuh know say di little haffi send mi brother and mi sister go a school, and di rest fi help mommy
Sometimes I wish I coulda fly away
And all of my pain just die away
Mama tell me life goes on, so if mi try and mi fail just try again

[Chorus (2x)]

Eh Lee Milla, Lee Milla
Eh Lee Milla, Lee Milla

Right as me about fi let go, mi realize say some bwoy deh up ya a go through worse than me
Queff dem up, queff dem enuh
A mad ting dawg
Pon di version, oh

Uh uh uh uh uh uh, uh uh uh
The mercy a god, the mercy a god