Voicemail - I'm Gone [paroles]

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Voicemail - I'm Gone

Paroles: I'm Gone

As I look 'round this makeshift moving house
I'm searching for whatever's left of me
It's on the ground in a box that reads "lost and found"
It's lost and found

She said: "just let it go"
She said: "it's all you've ever known"
I'm already gone
I'm already somethin' to someone
That I don't know
When will I know?
I'm out makin' rounds
On every side of town
That I've been through, that I know
To find my reason to come back home

I've worked it out, you'll always bring me down
From here on out I'm doing things for me
Impatient now, I'm not the type for life alone
I need someone


With everything that sets me back
I push back harder to clear the way
There's not a thing that I regret
Can't live my life in yesterday