Vybz Kartel - Downtown Kingston [paroles]

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Vybz Kartel - Downtown Kingston

Paroles: Downtown Kingston

(Verse 1)

Everything sell a town if yuh go deh look

Black yuh can left a look

Brown, every igle like a ten yuh fi gather round

From a pin to an anchor yah suh it is found

The store owner string up a big sound

And a tell people fi come get a discount

Could a ten dollar some way meck it count

If a even a bag juice fi go a yo mouth

Yo waan get sail, come round here

Yo waan do yo hair, come round here

Yo waan buy a chain, yo waan buy a plane

Yo waan buy a game, yo waan buy a name

Yo waan whole sail, yo waan retail

Yo waan pigs tail or chicken parts

Yo waan car party, yo waan one shorts

Yo waan plad shorts, yo waan hand kart
Down a town Kingston, Kingston

Down a town Kingston, Down a town Kingston

Down Kingston, down a town Kingston

Everything deh yah, everything deh yah

Everything deh yah, everything deh yah

Everything deh yah, everything deh yah
(Verse 2)

Orange street and Princess street

Plus Fudge street and Kings street

East Queens street

Darling street and Charles street

All Duke street, Oxford street and Bans street

North Parade, East Parade, South Parade, West Parade

Matches Lane, Luke Lane

Yow everyweh, down town Kingston

Meck things happen yeh
(Repeat Chorus)
(Repeat Verse 1)
(Repeat Chorus)