Vybz Kartel - Man Straight [Lyrics/Paroles]

Vybz Kartel - Man Straight

Man Straight Lyrics / Paroles

(Verse 1)
Mi no go the back door
No live in a the lobby
Mi deh a the top floor
Mi have a bag a gyal and I still a add more
Si mi lotto when another app in a the app store
Mi still a don Zidane and never stop score

Give gyal six love mi nah level that floor
A Buju be seh fi ask unuh what more
The lion in a the jungle mi never stop roar

Watch yo mouth and know wa yo seh
Man straight yesterday, nothing no change today
Real bad man no circle round deh
Man straight yesterday, nothing no change today
Know yo self yo hear weh mi a seh
Man straight yesterday, nothing no change today
Love him or hate him, do yo thing yeah
Man straight yesterday

(Verse 2)
Big up every man a south
Every man a Telaviv
A gyal in a mi bed a seh a deh suh shi a live
The mount a pretty woman weh mi brother Sivva Sivv
If a no teacher a him alone ruff up the village
Fi dead without a youth is like yo never did a live
A seven pickney mi get in a the premises
Mi kids come first dem a fi mi genesis
But mi love the rest a family and other relative

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)

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