Vybz Kartel - No One Time (ft. Buju Banton & Ce'Cile) [paroles]

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Vybz Kartel - No One Time (ft. Buju Banton & Ce'Cile)

Paroles: No One Time

(Verse 1)

Mi smoke weed so till dem call mi the most high

Mi love the weed so till mi gyal waan divorce I

The mount a bun mi have dem swear mi in a the force I

Mi send hanshocks through email

Long regular hose I

Ring, mi no response fi fool I

Yo dis, dis, dis, gunshot a bulls I

Mi no plumier but mi have the necessary tools I

Mi seh the bwoy dem no work wid regulations and tools I

Mi want some angel to modern I

All mi want before Even and Adam I

Come up to now wid Bin laden and Sodom I

Bullet wi spin yo head like like bomb a the turn table

Mi build a bigger spliff now

But you got the same

To fill Jah prescription

Dem should ease the pain
Check the pulla

Check the pulla

Check the pulla

Never passage no one time
Check the pulla

Check the pulla

Check the pulla

Check the pull

Mi never passage no one time
(Verse 2)

Weakers find yo tail

Eyes deh pon yo trail

Informer no feel remanding

Out hail, in hail and ex hail

And if yo fail

Naw meck nobody come step in a dem way

Anytime a the day a so dem stay

Wid a capital A or a capital K

So mi hear him this yah man, on the silly same day

Wi and dem go deh no flex the same way

One thing weh spray dem youths yah

Naw lie do the wrong thing yo pay wid yo blood right away

Hear mi hear dem a talk, a hear mi hear dem a talk

But tell some big mouth bwoy seh
(Repeat Chorus)
(Verse 3)

Badmind seh him waan a ride or die

And him get so high

A tek him now, a get him it's alright

No change no ably 24 real a sometimes

Just look mi seh how high

Naw stitch up, naw flip up

Cause wi stay true original

No hear dem, cyaa see dem through the ears mi cyaa recall

Some seh wa dem a seh bout what yo can and what yo cant

Whats different from the fire burning up the critical
(Repeat Chorus)