Vybz kartel - Summer time [paroles]

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Vybz kartel - Summer time

Paroles: Summer time

Every massive haffi comme a long, go fi ya sun tan inna da summa sun,
If ya a bleacher poppa corn, go fi ya umbrella cauz the sun a bun
De hot gyal dem bring it on a, in ah bikini dem in a pretty thong,
Ya nuh fi shy gal bring ya come, if you
Have a fool fool man, give de bun
Portmore me come from ya noe, pretty gal jus a pose like dominoe,
And the thugs dem a rub dem down
Ya know, Inna the shade street vybz rum ya noe
Uptown full a fun ya know, [?] ATI we a go ya noe, (cherry garden) Dream weekend a come ya know [?] So much a ga dun ya know

Oh, oh, here we go, summer time is here!
You know!
The holiday, school is closed!
We feel the vibes ya noe,
Summer time in a Portmore
Summer time in a Kingston
Summer time in the country,
Summer time in my skin
Pool party!
If I for the beach me haffi reach... ah summer time!

90 degress inna the shade, temperature tun up
Wifey ah tan till skin bun up
Black gal ah rub till vein come up
Tattoo time, coloring book tun up
Man ah roll out bicycle, bike ya noe see it
Man ah roll out car and the truck and the jeep
Me wan fuk thugs dem strolling
Grab a gal by the hand start rolling
Party ah go all night long all thru the day, me jus see a pretty gyal gone with Deniro