Wale - Razor (Bad Guy) [paroles]

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Wale - Razor (Bad Guy)

Paroles: Razor

[Verse 1]
Go ahead, pop off
Me and my clique put on
I'm like a young McMahon
I'm here to get your Bischoff (Woo!)
Like I'm Rick Flair, middle finger to the big boss man
Aka police, guess I'm over your head like guitars
Kill these niggas that's no problem, chill these niggas want no problem
That chopper body like Hornswoggle, can't see who shot 'em like Sin Cara
Roll it up if that shit loud, it ain't mine if that shit not
Ladies hate when I Rick Rude, but they in love with that [?]
Sike now, say hello to my python
I'm CM Punk with that mic y'all
She go to sleep cause my pipe bomb
Winnin', plus I be hurting feelings
Niggas is Curtis Axel, my rap is like Curt Henning
Innit? Don't it? I'm such a charmer
Come Crown Vic, not talkin' whip, I'm thinkin' Lawler
Cause I'm royalty, but we talkin' cars, she's not a problem
Just bought two big bodies, call 'em Kamala and Umaga
Whattup? You talkin' to the bad guy
My Gangrel but I ain't ever been no vampire
Look at all that ice he had on, bigger than an IC title
Lookin' out my pill man cause I still feel like Flyin' Brian
Who high as I am, who fly as I am?
Life is a bitch but you this rich it's more than likely China
Get it? Strong ass ho, niggas say they want that smoke
Well I'm Papa Shango, cause I be high but playin' low
Get a ganja, no steamboat
And I'm fly as a cross body but I'm tired of saying so
So I do so with new producers and a slew of my latest verses
And I'm ruthless like Rusev, move or be through with you niggas first
Get back to work

You're talkin' to the bad guy
Yeah chico, you're talkin' to the
Yeah chico, you're talkin' to the bad guy
I'm too sweet, I dare you niggas act fly
Yeah chico, you're talkin' to the bad guy
Yeah chico
Yeah chico, you're talkin' to the bad guy
Toothpick in your eye (spits)
I'm that guy

[Verse 2]
Hey yo (Where my chain, where my chain?)
Something happened to these something happened to you, okay?
Hey yo, don't look like no Daniel B, but they seein' me as a GOAT, look
Hey yo, something happened to these something happened to you, okay?
Hey yo, you countin' your little beads, my nigga my cheese more
Can I bother you with this rhymin'? Man I father niggas with rhymin'
Heard they talkin' right from the sideline like a part of me been declinin'
Nigga are you often with liars? Beside that I got no choice
Rather be Heath Slater before I make it a Doink
My point: I'd rather job than have my morals expired
Niggas gettin' back they bribe cause I ain't told in a while, haaaa
Is you mad or nah?
Is you rappin' to rap? She wrap my cigar
Light it up because I'm grateful I just made it this far
Yall just so pale in comparison, it's a shame, it's a problem
I'm so over forever, now make stadiums pop
Niggas sweet like they really real but be faker than raw
Oh nah, they flaw, I got 'em
Oh please, Dwayne Johnson been number two 'round these parts
Oh nah, you know why?
Because most of my in the eighties made a movie with rock
Stop, let's talk