Wale - This Thing of Ours [paroles]

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Wale - This Thing of Ours

Paroles: This Thing of Ours

[Rick Ross:]
Sometimes I get so fucking paranoid

I ask the lord for everything I lack and more
Last thing on my mind was slamming caddy doors
I just made up my mind, I’m grindin’ like a boss
Dedicated our lives, sacrifices we lost
Fatal mistakes, talking laws of attraction
The paper I’m making, I upgraded my fashion
Everything tailor-made, floss is my passion
Loyalty came first, number one rule in the faction
Follow my actions, came in it ’06
Planted my fag, bitch I’m taking no shit
I toted them toolies, I bullied the bullies
I made a few hits, my bank account Jewish
Niggas is minor, the money manure
I’m thinking like Heinemann, Godfather the 4th
It was never filmed, therefore never seen
It was never him, that’s what these haters cream
I wrote the script, I was sipping lean
Now meet the Smith, I brought along my triple beam

[Hook: Omarion]
This thing of ours
It’s a mafioso
You ain’t never know though
Never gon’ know so