Wale - Yayo (Remix) [Lyrics/Paroles]

Wale - Yayo (Remix)

Yayo Lyrics / Paroles

Cause they still talkin' yayo and 'bout bricks
That's all them niggas talkin' bout
Lil niggas stay dreamin' of

A-ayo, I ain't talkin' yayo
But I'm highly fade, but I think like 'Pac did
Mixed with Plato
At my angle, platinum will be my single
Back up and keep it just rap
Or prrrap-dap, let that thing go
What's up with the lame niggas, with no game?
Nigga they not dope. All this shit about whips, nigga
And yo chain, nigga, the Django
Please say it ain't so. Teach where we might grow
Speak to them about the time and all
But nevermind, unless it's all gold
Hmm, wait...yayo
What y'all know about yayo?
What y'all know about collect calls
From your best dawg from a pay phone
Like brrr, hello? He said jo my cell cold
And that's when things finna heat up
When he heard the c-ma can't keep her legs closed
Wait, that's yayo
Still sayin' what a sucka been afraid to
I ain't sayn I'm a nigga with a halo
But I'm not a gang nigga bangin' with a pencil
Every nigga came from the trap now, huh?
Every nigga carryin' a mac now, huh?
Come around this side, when I let two out
You go'n look for a dap or get a pat down, uh
Coulda been a nigga with a cap gown, good
Fuck good grades, niggas had good luck
Stopped playin' ball that was like '0-somethin
Then the rap, got-ga, got turnt up
In the crack capitol, but not no hood
Linked apartment, niggas have that load
That was MoCo where them stones go
And I was closed off until I had that look
Hmm, manic yayo, where can I find some you know?
Cause mama don't got no pesos
All my classmates all got new phones
And new J's, and Air-Max
I'm in the same thing, I'm aware of that
See the coke raps and yo clothes rap
Shouldn't get a look, niggas wear it out

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