Whole Slab - Lamar Odom [paroles]

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Whole Slab - Lamar Odom

Paroles: Whole Slab - Lamar Odom

[ Intro ]
Deuce nigga
Get me two more of them nigga
Put the money threw the hole nigga
No give me four more
What you want nigga
Y'all got that slab nigga
Stay slabbing nigga
I need the whole slab

[ Hook ]
I got the whole slab
Fiends is smoking ( Smoking )
What they call it nigga
That's that Lamar Odom ( That's that Lamar nigga )
Fiends is smoking ( Smoking )
That's that Lamar Odom ( Slab )
Lamar Odom ( Slab )
Lamar Odom ( Slab )
Hit it with the soda
That's that Lamar Odom ( Slab )
Lamar Odom ( Slab )
Lamar Odom ( Slab )
Fiends is smoking
That's that Lamar Odom

[ Verse 1 ]
I'm a trap star
Got a brick of that Lamar
Got that Chloé for the Lowie
Nigga hustle hard
Got a line
From the porch to the front yard
I'm getting mine
From the three to the four four
Ridding around with that slab
Bad bitch my chauffeur
That molly shit done slowed up
I thank god for these smokers
Keep the pack when im clubbing
These scraper hoes aproch us
I got it bitch it ain't nothing
Get money baby stay focused
They say i'm twerking
Like Terry White in his prime
In the hood say my sack taste
Like nine teen eighty nine
And the jays say my pack
Make them feel seven foot
That's Lamar Odom
Scrape drop
Cook nigga look

[ Hook ]

[ Verse 2 ]
Got that Kardashian
That's that white girl
You want it hard
I lamar it
Get it right for you
Get it right to you
That's how i maneuver
You want to rob slab
First you got to shoot the shooters
Double M we cheep
Dollar sign my clique
AK in that garbage bag
No finger prints on my sticks
You know i'm about that shit
You know i'm about that Lizzy
Your momma house gets flipped
Nigga get your shit right
You know i got that merch
Red snapper ocean perch
Lamar Odom at work
That captain hold the kerk
Chicken like miss winters
I'm whipping that Bruce Jenner
My niggas got the heat
And i'm serving sunday dinner

[ Hook ]

[ Outro ]
Baggies every where nigga
Burns on the carpet nigga
Burnt brillow pads niiga
Straight shooters everywhere nigga
Double M G nigga straight trapping
We had a good day in the trap nigga