Wiki - Hate is Earned [Lyrics/Paroles]

Wiki - Hate is Earned

Hate is Earned Lyrics / Paroles

[Produced by Black Milk]

Last week I got beat up
This week I'm chillin' with my feet up
And you know well yeah that we up
Crossing seas, trade 2K for FIFA
Spin the globe and see what
Country your finger lands on, we'll get visas
We'll be playing and they'll be screaming
Or just bobbin' their head but they'll be feeling whatever we doing
It's whatever, they moving
Y'all don't know the movement, it's moment
Y'all don't know one component that goes in it
Y'all ain't authentic man just cause you old critic
Y'all got me so over it, done
Any hate man, I won, I take it in like the sun
It's like vitamin D to me
The hate make me a deity
Charge me, all me, godly
Flows come out of me at the party
When you take a crack at us saying we ain't black enough
But you can't back it up, man back it up

Wait, take a step back
Get back the way things were
Take a look-look at the way these words bounce
Up, down, left, right, make these turns
Funny how, funny how hate is earned
Funny how, funny how hate is earned

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