Willie The Kid - Delirium (ft. Sean Price & Sha Stimuli) [paroles]

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Willie The Kid - Delirium (ft. Sean Price & Sha Stimuli)

Paroles: Delirium

Delirium-Willie The Kid
Set the cafique? you’re late
Hold the floo by the stimm
Simply O.J mix you with the cold poddles?
My role models… oasis
Puff, handrolled cigars have to grutle? cold oysters
Now that you’re too busy to get fresh on boisterous
I keep the bitch mois unpoisoned
…my lady can’t flow ,shop …
I’m never staggin’ it ,stag about the cheque
Wipe your smile off our face
I don’t do a lot of jokin’
Pot,champagne,my niggaz do a lot of smokin’
Smoke on everything from that low budget area
Plan the land choppers on aircraft carriers
Straight to the dug , God returns in my stock
Comin’ from a …
Stayin’ on my smuck
I’m an artist ,regardless all my nigaz hood doe
Show me your men ,I can back,at least I can withdraw
Least we ain’t fools …sober,sell each other out
And that’s more than I can say about most of you
Doubt is all mental …
Sicker than a gowl? Fundamental
And now I give a fuck about none of you
Just had that money viae, I’m a clean nigga
I’m like my house clean ,like my bitches clean
Keep my car clean ,keep my son fresh
Food in the … bookshelves for the books
Niggaz can be fuckin’ serious ,shit as hilarious?

Can’t compete with your faggy features and Happy feet
But I smackin’ teeth at the back of heaters
My … people,bitch, I spared the people
Since I had the people
As matter of fact, I had a trepper keeper
A pre-teen I just …
No,don’t just bury my fols
I’ll make a turn in turn
Observe my thirst as my over worried verse were murdered
Jerks are at the door like it’s October 31st

No man has got a costume trick
And I ‘m an animated nigga,not a corpse …
This is for my block gools? ,corner boys,… holders ….
From the killers see you death ,to the do it and watch and leave
Yeah,I got them, I’ll be goin’ in
You all don’t even gotta see me like blowin’ winds
Who know I’m a blowin’ wind
I flow and … as this shit is just crazy ,simple as stealin’ a baby’s skittles
You all are fuckin’ with me
Look,I rob these like I’m robbin’ beans
Like I’m …
Got the fond frequent is … me
Any labels signin’ me is like you let a large?disease inside the streets
Are blind and weak of spreading it virally anytime I …

And I…commin’ or nothin’ ,I let my progress speak
Now that you all have … the game is over

Our loss best rapper
Touched the … when he got off the stage
And get the beat the fuck up when you getting’ off the stage
The rage,I control the civil laws
The cage, I don’t know … killer…
I don’t know about you ,but I’m well on whores and I don’t know about you
Asia,Afrika,Tokyo ,Japan
My razor slashin’ oky doke with hands
Cactus ,cotton, and … candy
An old school like mine next to …Barry Brew
Truv,truv when I’m steppin’ on a boof
And my son got time they call it the music of youth
But don’t pass the dutch , I ‘m professional ,sir
... no villain don’t pass the butch?