Wiz Khalifa - James Bong [paroles]

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Wiz Khalifa - James Bong

Paroles: James Bong

[Intro - Wiz Khalifa]

It's very clear



Get it
[Hook - Wiz Khalifa]

Ah, James Bong I'm on a mission

Bruce Lee the way I kick it

Tiger Woods the way I hit it

Look how I whip it, how I whip it

Look how I whip it, how I whip it

Look how I whip it, how I whip it

Ah, you niggas finished

Damn, look how I whip it
[Verse 1 - Wiz Khalifa]

I'm cooking up, I'm cooking up

I'm in the kitchen

I make it flip, I make it flip

Just like a gymnast

I mix it up, I mix it up

Just like a chemist

You niggas know that I'm the realest

I got my squad and we the illest

I'm going hard I'm bout' that business

That bitch she on it, yeah she get it

I'm in her mouth like I'm a dentist

I swear to god I be going hard

You would think part of my job is driving foreign cars

I'll be in it, till I win it

Y'all at the start, I'm at the finish

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