Wiz Khalifa - Just Because [paroles]

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Wiz Khalifa - Just Because

Paroles: Just Because

[Verse 1]

This a feeling I wish could never end

Remember days they didn't let us in but now we in this bitch, rollin up medicine in my kush stronger than it ever been

My bitch don't know better than my clique, down for whatever

Thinking back, first time in Vegas, when I caught my first suite, thinking I was major

Looking at it all the light smoking on the paper

Thinking how to get it out my grind, second nature

I don't ever wait

I love the rush, I don't hesitate

I'm trying to teach my son a better way

Watch who you call your friends

Watch who you left right in your 9 11

Watch who you left sleeping at night at your crib

Its tatted on me: loyalty, and dog that's all I live

Some decent beats about a bitch to smoke this chronic with

I hit the streets

I'm fly as fuck, they say I'm on my shit

These unreleased and no receipts

They know about the kid