Wiz Khalifa - Maan! [paroles]

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Wiz Khalifa - Maan!

Paroles: Maan!

[Produced by Nez & Rio]


Is it recording?

Love is life, and life is living

Fuckin' awesome, yeah!


I smoked the whole damn pound

I'm a need another one, 'nother one

Eyes closed, I won't come down

Only papers, no we don't fuck with blunts

[Verse 1]

Nigga, I don't just be sharing weed

A nigga got pounds to burn that's apparent

Just cause you up in this bitch

Don't mean you gon' hit this shit

You better roll somethin'

Coughin' like you got a cold or somethin'

Tryna O.D. on THC

Nigga fuck around gave Young Khalifa a pound

Smoke the whole thing up in the week

Roll a joint, put a worm around that motherfucker

Smoke it to the face

Ohh shit, nigga just got some KK and he said he on the way

Big P told me church, get money on 'em every single day

So I want everything, every room, every plane, every place

We mobbin'


Nigga, we mobbin', we mobbin', shit!

Go, go! Nigga, we mobbin'

[Hook 2]

Now every place that we go, they say we can't smoke

But we do it anyway, cause real G's smoke when they want

When they say turn down, we turn up and turn up some mo'

When they say put it out, it's too loud, We burn up some mo'

Then we keep rolling, and rolling, and rolling, and rolling

We keep rolling, and rolling, and rolling, and rolling

We keep rolling, and rolling, and rolling, and rolling

[Verse 2]

Nigga keep going, keep the KK blowin

Snakes in the grass keep mowin'

Ass so fat, look swollen

Another city, state gotta show in

Another airport gotta go in

Reason why you hate, I'm knowin

Niggas got too much hoein'

I keep rollin' up

Drivin' a brand new car like that motherfucker stolen

They don't understand what i'm doin'

Money in my hand, nigga, 28 grams when i'm rollin'

Been through New York and London and Paris and back

South By Southwes only niggas smokin' on pack

Rollin' up bats

Go on, get a bong, get a match

Everybody get along, get attached

Get a song, get a biatch

What he say, every dog need a cat

Potheads need a joint to relax

G pen full of wax

10 Rolled cone joints, really fast

No sticks no seeds in the bag

Got reason to brag

In the front, y'all b's in the back

Pair of chucks, ripped jeans is the swag

Little bitch, we mobbin'

[Bridge + Hook 2]