Wiz khalifa - Smoker face [Lyrics/Paroles]

Wiz khalifa - Smoker face

Smoker face Lyrics / Paroles

I blow it by the O. Yea bitch.
Cudi wassup nigga? We should smoke after this. Real shit

Uh, quality weeds in it,
They tell me you don't get to die twice, so the high life, we livin',
Throw parties with bad bitches, the cribs so foggy it's hard to see in it,
Got girls that wanna go places, scared to show up with me,
They say I'm bad for they image,
Oh well, I roll up another L,
You thinkin' you got the bomb, a real smoker can tell,
Only drink Gin when I fucks with the liquor,
And only smoke joints, I don't fuck with the swisher,
Stayed the night once, now she done smokin' swishers,
And I ain't passin' shit, I don't fuck with you niggas Cause,
I'm smokin' by my lonely,
Everyone else tired, high,
I'm rollin' up watchin' Family Guy,
Finna call Spitta, He the only nigga that can smoke how I smoke,
Known as Mister blow it by the O...

[Lady Gaga sings]

I never hold it
Puff, puff, pass
And keep the roach if you smoke it last
A nigga loaded, lookin for another (drink?) but I already rolled it
Chop show me that
And nigga my credit good in every neighborhood
Loan me dat
You probably be where the lames and them phonies at
Poor thing, I'm used to rollin up and smoking the whole thing
Them otha niggas claim and sayin that they get high and leave it with all kinds of seeds
Probably why you hit it and get the smoker face
This ain't loud, this a noise complaint
Smoke like I got a point to make
That's why everytime you see me got a joint to bake
Tell me dog bring his own in case you need a reminder, mister blow it by the
O-O-O-O-o, o, o, ooooo
Yeah bitch

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