Wiz Khalifa - The Sleaze [paroles]

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Wiz Khalifa - The Sleaze

Paroles: The Sleaze

[Verse 1]

This year I'm going insane, mental disease

Puttin' a bar up to a place, niggas can't reach

Bout to cop so many chains, li'l Mr. T

The way she give me brain, she need a degree

She dropped it to the floor, she did it for the cheese

Told her that I need some more, she did it with sleaze

Clique full of G's

And they go ape, don't swing through the trees

Try 'em, them triggers will squeeze

Did it with sleaze

And your wifey love a nigga with sleeves

Hit it and leave

I ain't stressing, when will you niggas believe

Shit is a breeze

Give me the keys


Just got the newest thang, get it with ease

Hopped up out the bed, did it with sleaze

They say I run the game, literally

I'm walking to the bank, get it with sleaze

My car is sleazy, my squad is sleazy

My job is sleazy, its way too easy

Just got the newest thang, get it with ease

Hopped up out the bed, did it with sleaze

[Verse 2]

Ain't too much hustling

Get it go straight to the bank, my nigga I can't get enough of it

Ashes all over my jeans, if this shit stank I'm puffing it

Trying to do shit just like Puff did it

Dirty ass game, ain't no loving it

That nigga hates, bitches lovin' it

They say I run the game

Got fortune, fuck the fame

My garage is like a showroom

Couple ounces in my brain

Damn she fine, thick as can be

Buy me all the newest things, ma this dick ain't for free

Everywhere I go I'm weed scented

Rock crew necks ripped jean with em

Take no swag, mix sleaze with it

Take your ho, spend cheese with us

Everywhere I go, I'm weed scented

Rock crew-necks reps jeans with it

Take no swag, mix sleaze with it

Taylor Gang, we beez with it



Taylor Gang

If you real badass, you know what the fuck I'm talking bout

Fuck the rules, we make our own

I'm my own boss

I count my own money

I fire the fuck out of you niggas If I feel like it

And I'm sleazy as hell

Feel me?