Wiz Khalifa - Tweak Is Heavy [Lyrics/Paroles]

Wiz Khalifa - Tweak Is Heavy

Tweak Is Heavy Lyrics / Paroles

[Hook x2]
The tweak is heavy
My clique is ready
My diamonds crazy
Don't try to play me

[Verse 1]
A quarter million dollars, if I'm in it, I paid it
My watch my Rolex, niggas sayin' I made it
Yeah, I smoke good weed, so these fuck niggas hate it
Bought thirty-five bottles, just to get faded
The tweak is heavy, the tweak is heavy
Before I leave the crib I grab the keys to my Chevy
I got some gold around my neck, got some gold in my mouth too
My wife is mixed, but damn she's thick like she's from the South too
Pourin' shots; takin' em, coning joints; bakin' em
Gettin' dollars; bankin' em, Ballin' just like Aikman them
Fuck niggas; ain't with em, do dirt; hang with em
Find out they singing just like Frank and them

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2]
Ever wake up in Vegas you better play this
Ever blackout? You knowin' just what I rap 'bout
Ever smoke so much weed you wanna tap out?
Ever go to a city and bring the trap out?
Bring the pack out, bring them racks out
All the way to the bank, got something to laugh 'bout
Drink four bottles of champagne ain't even pass out
'Bout that action, you niggas actin'
Niggas talkin' all that shit like it won't happen

Youngn's stackin', money stackin'
One you get up out the game you can't get back in

[Hook x2]

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