Wiz Khalifa - What Iss Hittin

What Iss Hittin Lyrics / Paroles

Yeah, yeah yeah
Bet the money make her backflip
Throw another band up then another band, she get ratchet
Keep saying that she gotta man
I don't care, imma walk up to her like "Yeahh"
Oh, what iss hittin, oh what iss hittin for?
Ho, what iss hittin?
Ho, what iss hittin' for?
Ho....what iss hittin' for?
Ho, what iss hittin?
Ho, what iss hittin' for?

[Verse 1]
Walked up in this bitch like "Woow"
They like "goddamn", "kid stacking up bands"
She's sucking on me
You don't want a broke man
Quit rolling with them broke niggas
Start riding round with a rich nigga
Start riding round with a nigga thats rich
Lifestyle of my niggas thats rich
Got a rolex on my wrist
I ride for my niggas that's it
Woo...you rolling round round me
I ain't playin', na lil nigga I ain't playin'
I got niggas in my clique
And they down for anythang
They gon' bang, they gon' bang
They gon' let that choppa rang
Fuck what you saying, I ride for my gang
That's all that I am, the world in my hand
Yeah, yeah, damn


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