Wrekonize - Typical [paroles]

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Wrekonize - Typical

Paroles: Typical

I drove down the street today
Thinking it's really unfair
I mean, look, where we are
Get 'em up!

[Verse 1]
Sunrise waking up to some life, bank balance is low
But I ain't really stressing funds, right
I'm just trying to have a little fun like
Soak it in and let my mind develop in all the sun light
It's natural to want right
So we just keep it low key, everything copacetic
Called in to my office job
Cause when I'm there no one gets it
Blinded by the desk I'm shielded with no windows
See when they got us there we function on a different tempo
But it's cool I'll just skip today, screw the rules
They been on me usual casual days are suitable for low attendance
Thou shall not work that's my amendment
Well not work yo shitty job for low pay and no pension
My environment is pristine been this way since sixteen
Drive and lean like Christine my cities like a big dream
And I'm just here sipping beers trying to stay conscious
Avoiding all the gossip and the high school nonsense
Get in the zone running on a little bit of limits and loans
Getting up the minute that I'm hearing the phone
Cause It's a beautiful day and I'mma let it unfold
Cool breeze new schemes blue jeans and whole lot of loose teens
Who fiend to act all grown up when they still just true green
This is the place that has come to be really my true home
The city of sun and the humidity comes
But it ain't nuttin' to be really over-juiced on
Vibe with me this time has got it's limits and they do run out
So soak it in and let's begin appreciating what's it 'bout

(Let's go!)
What's it like to live in paradise?
80 something, man it's nice
Culture all around you
All you like and you just find it all so typical
(Find it all so typical)
Find it all so typical
(Find it all so typical)
What's it like to see the women walk the night?
9's and 10's the type
Do everything you can to be polite
And still you find it all so typical
(Find it all so typical)
Find it all so typical
(Find it all so typical)

[Verse 2]
In a land where the sun came up and it never went back down
And the women we around are the front page rage
And they never play background
Got my Corona and Patron in 2 solo cups
I've never given any so I guess I probably owe some fucks
I speed along through this new scheme I'm on
She said to leave 'em on the nights can be deceiving, huh
We hit the deuce, we hit up tootsies and the K.O.D
Locals are pegged to be celebs, it feels like fame to me
And how this came to be is so amazing we just up and played the scene
Get up and save your dream if you ever wanna
Get up in the middle of an all star vacancy
This is your chance to live it up so come and claim it slick
Or you could keep up with the dumb shit and be called the plaintiff quick
Your honor I'm guilty cause I wanna stay out with the people
On a bender booze and marijuana
Wanna wander with the champions it comes with the worth
It's typical to tip the scales they call it heaven on Earth
So if you thinking of relocating this place is so gracious
The people fly, no need to cry it's all an oasis
Hop on the bus and hear it every single night
I tell 'em where I'm coming from and they all asking what's it's like
They like