XV - Melrose (Freestyle) [paroles]

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XV - Melrose (Freestyle)

Paroles: Melrose

[Intro: XV]
Yeah, what happened to us?
[Hook x4: Childish Gambino]
Someone gave you all my love, baby
All my love, all my love
[Verse 1: XV]
You inquire how I’ll get back in the game
When I release this fire that’s been trapped in my brain
Thinkin’ will I still get tired and go back to my cage?
My team got lighter now watch me bring ‘em the flame
Dyin’ to find out where Hoffa been hidin’ out
Eyes on the sky, mind on the Soundcloud
Shouldn’t have found out this was only a beat
It’s probably childish to get on this but Gambino’s a beast
Well the nerd is back, I turn the track much further than that
As I work in the batcave like Bane murdered my back
Thinkin’ back when I’d invite girls to birthdays I had
And they would all bring their man as they flirt in the back
I never deserved that, it kinda hurt me in fact
And I was only 13, ho’s did me worser than that
In the future, no longer a loser, and broads got computers
So Donavan’s cuter with all his hip-hop kind of maneuvers
But now, my heart dark as my lungs inhale a cigarette
I guess my space was met because the internet
[Hook 4: Childish Gambino]
[Outro: XV]
See that’s what happened. Someone gave you all my love
All that love I was givin’ to you
You just accepted it from any other motherfuckin’ nigga
It ain’t matter to you if it was authentic or fraudulent,
You just accepted it, after I showed you what the real shit was
Damn, all because the internet
Shouts out to Childish Gambino
I related to that title like a championship pedigree, yah dig?
And I’ve been enjoyin’ all this music throughout the year
Just like y’all have, yah know?
You get to find love elsewhere, why can’t I?
That’s all I’m sayin’. But it’s far from over, baby.
I ain’t stoppin ’til I have you all to myself.
‘Til it’s only me. All for me. You know?
L7 forever
Get ready for the sweater
L7 forever
None of these niggas is better
[Hook x2: Childish Gambino]