Yasiin Bey - Inner City Travellin' Man (Soul Mates Remix) [paroles]

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Yasiin Bey - Inner City Travellin' Man (Soul Mates Remix)

Paroles: Inner City Travellin' Man (Soul Mates Remix)

Bismillah irahman iraheem

Inner city
Inner city travellin' man
I'm a travellin' man

I wanted to become an aviator, and I wanted to become a great singer. I always had the same dream. The dream was I'm singing for hundreds of thousands of people, and be with the people, and I got stand ovations. And then about being an aviator, I always thought ?

I know that you're letting me go

I'm leaving
Inner city travellin' man

[Verse 1]
Well go ahead and leave
The call heard around the world from the wisest emcees
These cats is paying more than half a pound ?
? but we could probably run the back of town
Scenarios like this is tear jerkers
For the modern emcee, I ain't no blue-collar worker
Cause this thing called rhyming, ain't no different from coal mining
We both on assignment to unearth the diamond
When you start climbing and them eyes start shining
You be struggling and striving and they think you prime timing
Maintain and keep silent, make note and observation
Its confrontation, this is the daily operation
My concentration, stay focused on my recitation
About to reach my destination with no pause or hesitation
Baby make the preparation, cause this ain’t no recreation
This is pro ball, and we're letting you know y'all
At the show y'all, doing this for dough, y'all
Get the phone call, and I'm ready to blow, y'all
About to go, y'all, been a pleasure to know you all
And I’m letting you know


[Verse 2]
God willing, I'll be back home
To drop these heavy ass bags up off my backbone
Around the world with a catalog of rap songs
My baby girl is walking, been away for that long
? how it seem to me
My hometown is like a whole different scenery
The old timers on the stoop leaning leisurely
The new jacks up in the park smoking greenery
Easily taken for granted when you're up in it
But it's sweet-scented when you've been down for a minute
Move around ?, breaking down with the business
The innovative, classical B-Boy image
Collect the winnings, cause that's the reason that we came here
The thing is not a game here, the fortune not a fame here
From the New York to the ?, Cali to the Cadillacs
Chicago know we innovate, infiltrate Virginia State
D.C. make me stimulate, really tho we penetrate
Doujah make us generate, lets set a date to get the pace
The celebrating my jams in foreign lands
Even your mans in Japan know who I am
? make everybody ?
Ichiban ?
Phenomenal, excuse me, that's a phone call
It's the show y'all, trying to get this dough, y'all
About to go, y'all, been a pleasure to know you all
And I’m letting you know