Yelawolf - Light Switch [paroles]

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Yelawolf - Light Switch

Paroles: Light Switch

[Intro: DJ Paul & Yelawolf]
Put the needle on the record man
Let’s bump some of that Yelawolf and DJ Paul
PBR cans and ditches
Big trunk rears rolling over ditches
And PBR cans in bitches hands
That DJ Paul beat ...
Don’t smoke, I’m blowin up city yards
This city yours, I burn this
The fuck? See
See it was shit but…
Hold up
Keep your doors in
Fuck man
There gotta be a way to describe this shit man
I’mma figure this shit out
Fo real

[Verse 1: Yelawolf]
Gold teeth on my silver spoon, fuck the face on that paint job
Fuck your boys from the pin up goons, white folks that you can’t rob
Yea that quarantine, sippin fours, we both for same highs
Get away, well that switch blade
Pentagrams for my paint box
Levi’s from a thrift shop, Busta Rhymes on my feed, fuck
Daddy stackin' not meal now, play stuck in my Beats, what?
Mouth’s all in that J-O-B, flame dipped on that cheeba cheeba
Seeds poppin like damn a does
Me closing these green Adidas
Strappin from the pop home, cars pass for them M80’s
Drug pills in my watch pocket, no folks to this gym daily
Geeked up, tripped out
Tie dye, brain fried
Mouthful, lips out
Mushrooms, sack dry
Backwoods cant that overdose, got a half that O in the crystal bowl
Young girls in the web trap
Brain washed like a vegatable
Take some of this blood soup
Can’t fuck with just me and you
Blood mixed with me that 22
Witchcraft and the bitches blew

[Hook: Yelawolf]
Light switch, head down
Baby shut the motherfuckin' fire out
Ain’t that a bitch? Fuck ya'll
Gotta hit my neighbor up just to make a call
Light switch, fuck yall
I’mma grab a note pad, I’mma write it all
That’s right bitch, I’mma turn it on
Lookin at this shit, it’s like click to a light switch

[Verse 2: Yelawolf]
Moon light with the tall boy
Drink it down til the spit bath
Natty Ice in the tall boy
Role models can’t get that
My whole motto is just laugh
Laugh it off and just get mad
Either way I’m up on the roof
Lookin for cars to throw bricks at
Antarctica’s in my genes, middle fingers and pipe bombs
That tower stay in 13 with no damn , right ma?
Fit your group over that hat brim
Free songs to my white males
Our truth to this lost world
......I fight real
Give thanks to the microwave
I’m a chef and I’m romadome
Try to cook a banana peel
For me you baby just smoked on
Tin foil with a big pin makes no smoke, good smoke
Before the damsel was paint in red
Oh wait, more than one way to use a Colt
Scopes over them crossed bones
There’s no face to vibe us all
.... that deep south
Go pop pills like Pablo
Don’t speak Spanish, they keep manage
Quiet watching the fine cops
In the back suit with the mad life
Leaving dope boys in the pile box


[Verse 3: Yelawolf]
Trench coats in the hallway
That doorman’s gotta know I’m gone
But when Pac left with them safe keys
That H gap is a short draw
Babies all in that grave sight
Tears drop on that Jesus piece
Black flows, Johnny Cash
Come hostile and you leave in peace
My stripes red stripes
White storms, blue night
That bed is open, the trailer park
Some bitch flashin them blue lights
Psychological motherfucker,
Power trip and they best look down
Start your .. with a steel cage
Finna make a grown man act a clown
Tire treads on them, gravel roads
Old school with them rusty goods
Baby seats full of crystal meth
High rich but the money’s good
Show sticks and then pops his hair
Buy the liquor, smoke by the case
Watching all of this in my land
Til the butt, nothing goes to waste
Bridge trappin the nation’s bid
Oh how they just savor it
Hoods droppin like fly shit
They got a plan for you, just wait for it
That statue was a major bitch
But man I feel liberated
Took this shit like a dome beater
I had a while, I innovated