Paroles: Mama Wolf

[Spoken Word: Yelawolf's Mom(Mama Wolf)]:
If I come to where you at, this is it... there is no stopping me... you will not get in my way. no one will get in my way...
I just took our friend and I ran him it to him, and wrapped his hair around my wrist three times... and just started wailing on him...
He was like: "Oh no miss Sheila, don't do this miss Sheila. I respect you miss Sheila... you fucking cunt! god's watching you!"
On the same breath he would say that to me! and he wiggled away from me at one point!
And [???] had her 9 on her, I didn't have my weopon on me thank God
And I just said: "Shoot him Shawn, shoot him! shoot him in the leg, don't let him get away!"
And he was like: "don't shoot me miss Shawn, please don't shoot me miss Shawn"
I just wrapped his hair around my wrist and just drug him through the parking lot, just kicking the shit out of him, and just like beating him as hard as I can
He called the police, he was like: "I called the police they're coming". and I was like I didn't give a shit
I smiled from ear to ear in my mug shot. I didn't call for boots on the ground. I didn't call for any of that bullshit, I can handle this shit myself
Just UUAGH! I didn't even need a weapon
But yeah, I'd be not like have another go at it... you know...

[Yelawolf]: Ghetto Cowboy!
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