Yelawolf - Money Freestyle [Lyrics/Paroles]

Yelawolf - Money Freestyle

Money Freestyle Lyrics / Paroles

Yeah buddy, yeah buddy
What up Franky? [?]
Bring it in Franky
What up Jim Jonson?
Drink another motherfuckin' beer
Slumerican shit
We in here (here)

[Verse 1]
When I woke up this morning I was feeling like a brand new man
A brand new man?
Took a look outside and I saw that twenty one grand
What twenty one grand?
Oh yeah buddy, gold flakes - that's what's up
You ain't gotta tell me
What am I stupid?
Dipping them rims on a Harley Davidson
I'm spending spinning
What am I? loop it!
Watching days and nights just slowly pass me by
Two bottles and they already hollow
Jack Daniels left hook to the eye, boom
But I'm a one man army
[?] said no need to alarm me
Motherfuckers wanna pick [?]
Oops this party's starting
No need for parking and red carpeting
Cause that clogs up the arteries
Of all of these awkwardly
Hard to be reached people
That I have awesomely harvested into
This property properly title
Slumerican Idols
Idoling on the yellow beams
Drink until they fall into a dream
Run up in the trees
Looking for a package that I might leave, boy
That's power
35 and a half hours
Hours and hours and hours
Of mud in the trench
You shripms better take a shower
Turn that bath water on
That's creek water roots
That's black water homes
I ain't no Floyd but he ain't Pink
That asshole's got a black water home
Floyd gotta whole caprice on chrome
Never gets cleaned cos he's always gone
Always on the run, always on the phone
Floyd is a boy to be left alone
Floyd that boy got a hectic cheque you can't afford
That doors unlocked cause Floyd got a toy
That will put holes in metal, boy
He's a heavy metal boy
On a another level, boy
Some say that he went down to the crossroads
And met the devil, boy
Bout that


[Verse 2]
But fill her up while I'm at this pump
Cause I'mma get 10 miles, you can bet your ass
Drop this [?], then I'mma get a new truck and park it slap on a neighbor's grass
I leave a dent, leaves dead like beneath the tent
A seasoned wind, sprays it onto the trees that bend
Send themselves to a factory mill to paper thin
From towering life, to a page that's beneath this pen
Believe in men? God, Jesus Christ you should see the sin
We all part-take in this plagiaristic and evil spin on religion they give hindering growth
And even when you react, they react, with a bat and just beat it in
Fuck are we growing or blowing it?
All I can do is give you my 2 cents with a poem
Maybe that ain't enough, maybe my shows just ain't showing the people hints of liberation
They just roll it and smoke it, that's cool with me because
At least they get a CD buzz
That really does, make my job a little easier
So when you see me cuz, throw up a duce and leave it up
I believe in love, Love Story now gitty up (up)
Back and forth across the floor, I crawl for more applause from your heart for my art
The props the more I rock the floor, till the tracks are wrapped
The more the pack of rats attack the rap
A bunch of bitches switching fate, but this here is switch blade
Fucking [?] such a public buzz, they fucking let me out
They fucking know I choked the bud and sucked [?]
But I'm a raven with razor wings, so lay the strings
So Wayne will lay these lazer beams, amazing eyes are watching now
I make 'em dream, I pave the way for lazy teens to make a scene
To use a [?] and love a [?], if a [?] can make you drum then [?]-a-something
A [?]-or-something
Look, you made a trampoline, ain't it jumpin'? (Bounce!)
And let me give some love to North Carolina, John Harrison, thanks for the idea buddy
If I come to Rocky Mountain, I'll find ya
And we can run around in a box and talk about how fuckin' dope I am
I'm fuckin' with you..
Pink Floyd Money
Yeah, that's the jam
Anyway fucking way I'm out, till I get another dope beat
Could be an hour, maybe a day
Probably drop another one next week, I'm bored
Love Story

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