YFN Lucci - Exactly How It Was (ft. Rich Homie Quan) [Lyrics/Paroles]

YFN Lucci - Exactly How It Was (ft. Rich Homie Quan)

Exactly How It Was Lyrics / Paroles

[Hook: Lucci]
See this exactly how it was
We was up, ho we was up
Then somehow this shit got rough, should i give up? i can't give up
Man i swear i can't make this up, i can feel it in the air
When shit was real you wasn't there, and they talkin' bout i switched up
See i was real like everywhere, they know it's real when i'm in there

[Verse1: Lucci]
Allot of pain in my heart, allot of scars i'm so scared
If i start i'ma finish, gotta finish what i start
See i was young i didn't listen, they told me don't i still did it
See i was chasing after money, i had allot of ambitions
See my intention was to get, hate loosing gotta start winnin'
Hustle hard every minute, i swear i'm so relentless
Time wait for no man, man, i'ma man now
Never said momma nowhere but i can now
Got some family out in Jamaica might land out
Bought a house with allot of acres look where we stayin' now
Okay, hard body never tell it, bitches love image
From the heart i spit it, thank God i'm different


[Verse2: Rich Homie Quan]
Never switched up, stayed down this the same nigga since day one
Gotta make my momma happy, i promised her i'm gone make some
If shit get ugly me and my niggas gone take some
Nudie jeans, with gucci, me and lucci gone shake some
Made up my mind i swear i don't wanna go to jail no more
Take her? that;s fine gotta new bitch with me everywhere i go
Cariact got me blind, this real gold on my face lil ho
Text in front of mind shh kill'em i can't take no more
Ride on em' can't pay them folks, slide in her i stay up ho
You mine, denim what you waitin' fo?
I spit on that shit cause it don't taste that good
Oops i meant moist, suck it til you loose your voice
Hoes know i'm the bitches choice


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