Paroles: Goapele Freestyle

[Verse 1: Slim400]
And I was sleeping on floors
And all I thought get the dough
So I made the shit happen
And after ten, I bang treetops
Banging on wax, but night fall and got jacked
Checked the morning side
Next day I got packed
But I ran it like a real one
So ain't nothing to say to that
Niggas was really on some hood shit
But I was still banging Bompton
When I got to the hood
Real missions, who with the popping?
Man I done did it at my BM shit
So who really with the nonsense?
Man, I done did hella shit
My niggas can't tell me nothing
So I'm on with this rapping
Little Buddha got me bracking
So I'm going to show them what I'm here for
400 hundred records, no option
I'm going to do it like Tanea do it
Stay in the booth
Swear to god it's from the heart
Niggas know it's the truth
Niggas know it's 400
And with this stress on my brain
[?] the only thing keeping me sane

[Verse 2: YG]
Keeping me sane
This bulletproof keeping me safe
Killing the vibe
These fraud niggas keeping it strange
Keep me away
I could do better away
Made 80 in a day lord keep me away
Keep me a bank, with a mil plus
Keep me a safe
They say dirty money only
But I blow it with faith
But I fuck up a check
Bet I crash the rave
I be on some fucking spend it
Because I'm mad today
Look, 4Hunnid records, 400 necklaces
The top models love me
But think I'm too reckless, so she
Fucking with me from a distance
But the squares ain't really what she want
But jeopardizing her career is what she want
Her friends think I'm bad for her image
But she don't
How could I blame her?
Coming from where I'm coming?
And this Bompton snapback
Just solidify I'm thugging
But fuck it mama, I'm a CEO
Got real opportunities to get this dough
Your lifestyle could change
When everyone know
That lucky number you get in one night
For a show, yeah
Some niggas switched on me
Touched my soul
I had real opportunities to fuck they hoes
But I'm a real nigga
So you know how that go
I see you devil
Fucking up my flow, no!
Tables turn
Bridges burn
Niggas learn
Fake text messages
Started with bro getting curved
Because when I got word
I just wanted to splurge
Seen all y'all subs on the gram
That shit for the birds
I told B what gonna happen
Before it occurred
Then it happened
So know I be trusting my word
Counting pockets on the low, shit
Got shot when I was a kid
So I'm oh shit
Fourth quarter, star of the team
I still throw assists
Not Kobe, I would have taken a cut
To get my team a win
Never ever is a new nigga
Supposed to fuck up the clique
Fuck up the play
Yeah they fuck up some shit
But it's bool, nah really, but it's bool
Niggas tired of standing next to me
I assume, damn
Shit went bad so soon
But as a man you got to move
So it's bool
Just got the house in the hills
Maybach in the driveway
On my got to get it by myself mind state
I been ducked off, getting my mind straight
The homies on the four block
Boosting up the crime rate
Life in the fast lane, it's bracking
Call some bitches
About to rent out the mansion
I never thought this would happen
But shit, shit happens
They had me outside in one oak
Man, fuck one oak
They must not respect what I represent
But we know Hollywood niggas so irrelevant
Yeah, fuck it
Fuck them, fuck them
Let it burn like Usher, nigga

[Outro: YG & Slim400]
Uh, Slim400
Ay Slim come holler at these fools
Y'all know we on
We doing what we doing
You know what I'm saying
We paved the way
For everybody, everybody
At the end of the day
You know what I'm saying
Nigga going to do what they do
Fuck it, but nigga YG
Like we swagging right
Like fuck all that
What you got on right now bro?
He said what I got on?
You already know
Red bottoms, I'm on my fleek shit
You feel me?
Big stacks in my pocket, shit
Iced out Rolex and shit
Me and Slim
These niggas act like they don't see us
Niggas pulling up in they Maybach thing
We pull up, stop playing with this shit bitch
Bool nigga, we could come through
Feel me?
Yeah, shout out to all my niggas
All my bitches
Off my bullshit, nigga
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