Yo Gotti - 28 Bars

28 Bars Lyrics / Paroles

[Verse 1]
On the streets of Brooklyn, you see this kid looking
Tightning his MJ's, white and cement grey
You're sure to see a pair of Jordan 3's
Now you wanna talk legendary talk to me
Some break records, so no one forget 'em
But we don't break records, we the ones to set 'em
What's in a legend but cutting edges, perfection
With one obsession for staying on the top of his profession
And if it ain't broke, we don't fix it
And no remixes, no pre-fixes
And if it ain't hot we ain't repping it
You ain't getting no half stepping
Half court lames that could never play a full
Any little game just to see what they could call
A wolf in sheep clothing caught in lion, shit gets wool
You wanna be like Mike then save the bull
Many try to stick 'em, many try to pick 'em
And think slow, you made your D silent like Django
A broken ankle, and now your tanks low
One octane, but homie, not Kane for short
It's evident I'm the rawest specimen
Warlords and testaments to change your regimen
Spitting to the beat or either the record spin
You wanna see the magic? All I need is just a pen
Sheer excellence, to say thus far
You can ask Isaac Newton how you greet a star
You asked for 16, I went way too far
And I gave you 28, just to raise the bars

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