Yo Gotti - King Shit (ft. T.I.) [Lyrics/Paroles]

Yo Gotti - King Shit (ft. T.I.)

King Shit Lyrics / Paroles

Oh! this a hit, nigga!
With no words only!

I got a gold chain, no way did it boy
I'm dream chasing but I ain't fulfill it, boy
Bitch bad and she say I can get it, boy
This a hit and I'mma make a nigga feel it, boy
My quarter planes, my swagger saying
And my campaign on ten
I like the beat, she ready for it
But I'm not really into her friend
House up on the hill, Cadi off a cocaine
I'm fit to do a Lamborghini thunder while forbids game
Bitch, I'm in my lane, fresher jeans, no stain
Robbing Jean, what's going, Giuseppe man's my chain
I'm different, all dividend
You're right, you sing a symphony and I'm back, you've been missing me
My watch silly, my clock ignorant
I'm banned up and it ain't in the bed
My flow just like an issue
Please clear that yellow tape, only true that
Haters are diseased, pussy why they do that?

King shit, hey you know what it is
Tryna smell like a pound of that loud
But a nigga look like a whole new meal
Drive Ferrari for some motherfucking killer
50 minutes imagine that on morning you're repenting
I got rats all in my goggle pants
Standing clear with the hollow man
Your bitch ass your bitch bad
She can fuck fast ain't no romance
My diamond dancing in 3D, nigga
Fake the trip where you see me, nigga
And I'm playing with it like PE, nigga
Real nigga, no joke
No fake ass nigga, no hope
I got a minimad team and a 100 round drum
I'mma cop it up all in my coke
And nigga, I don't wanna smoke your weed
Plain gas only thing I smoke
And I gotta thank God for the ??
Shorty here taught me everything I know
I do whip it, who could care to dip it
Hand it to your partner, let him flood it to the city
We 'bout that action, you try us and we bless you
We turn to the mat that's a motherfucking fact
Come a real nigga for E round

Doors up, doors down
When I'm in the club, bitch, you going down
Shorty take it for, hand down
Down, down, shorty fucking head down
I see my phone blowing up
I know it's going down
What's up pussy in the rapper, it ain't hit the town
Keeping numbers in the city, boy it's going down
It's that dope academy
Them three levels been after to me
If FBI ever catch me, my friend you might witness a tragedy
Shorty open her legs up happily
Jump black, nigga, in a booth, white, nigga
I look like a referee
They blowing the whistle, they telling
I do the clam, I'm chilling
This bitch turned up making rain
When I'm in the club you tell 'em
They talk about these millis, they don't get it on the daily
One feet in the game and one feet out, I barely made it
I'm a real nigger till the death of me
Never sing a song like a parakeet
Fifty bands in my pocket, jet blue, sixty gram on the Cherokee
I'll be kicking money like a motherfucker British troop
Spend it in the kitchen, nigga, try a couple bricks up

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