Yo Gotti - Poppin / Trap Niggas Freestyle [Lyrics/Paroles]

Yo Gotti - Poppin / Trap Niggas Freestyle

Poppin / Trap Niggas Freestyle Lyrics / Paroles

[Gucci mane]
Where we at? Right by Libra? Churches? Okay!

I used to walk 'round that corner right on Flintwood
Pack your bag shorty with a 100 pounds of good
I was trapping like a fool, me and that fat fool
Kept that fucking tool, didn't go to school
I was trapping like a bitch, I sold a lot of bricks
I hit a lot of licks, I really don't give a shit
'Bout a pussy ass nigga, a pussy ass ho
It's Gucci Mane La Flair, my chain look like rainbow
Shorty looking at me, I think that nigga muggin'
I think he don't like me and the way my click thuggin'
We smoking out in public, you know them bitches love it
Me and Shawty Lo poppin' thirty bottles of bubbly
I'm a real trap nigga
Bust it out the wrapper, sell it to a trapper
Me and young Juice, sippin' 80 proof
Box Chevy 98, money out the roof
I was going to the atrium, like a gymnasium
Beat like a fool, that was 1998, I was still getting cake
Now a nigga real straight, got 3.4 Mil, bitch nigga, in ya' face
You done heard about that
That the boy got them M's
That that boy got stacks
Me and Zay, we shitting in ya' face
(no idea what he says) cost 1 38
And I got it from my deal,so what does that tell ya'
Ya feel me Shawty?

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